Talent Solutions

We align with your business goals and find you the right talent.

We understand your needs….

Reliable partners

We have provided Contract Talent Solutions for over 17 years to many of the Fortune 500 and Global 1000 organizations.

Personalized Account Management Model

We believe in a customer-centric engagement model. Our engagement is based on the needs of our clients and is tailored for their budgets

Domain Expertise

Our expert recruitment team understands the importance of resources for those who have worked in your domain. We find the best talent for you and filter them based on their technology skills and experience in your specific domain such as healthcare, banking, insurance, telecom, technology, and manufacturing.

High Employee Retention

We value our talent! We pay attention to employees and gain their trust through our generous package of compensation and benefits.

Morlogic provides direct hire placements in a wide range of professions and industries. We understand your requirements, advertise positions and source candidates. Our recruiters will conduct the initial face-to-face interview prior to scheduling job-site interviews with your staff. We conduct background checks and administer testing and assessments as needed to evaluate a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and abilities for your position. We negotiate compensation packages and conduct handholding until we transfer them to your Human resources. At Morlogic, we pride ourselves in finding the right fit for your direct hire requirements.

Our proven processes and recruitment model has helped hundreds of customers find their ideal employees.

You can now focus on your core business and hire a reliable partner for your recruitment functions.

Morlogic acts as an external outsourcing partner organization (RPO provider) to support your talent acquisition function by assuming responsibility for portions or all facets of talent acquisition for some or all your hiring needs.

Full Cycle RPO

Covers the entire recruiting cycle from receiving hiring manager’s requisitions, advertising, and sourcing candidates to negotiating and finalizing job offers.

Partial Cycle RPO

We only screen, source and set up the candidates for interviews.

Benefits of engaging an RPO Provider

Scalable model

Provides our clients scalability to increase or decrease support levels based on their business life cycle. This solution also provides extremely efficient hiring processes to help you identify talent quickly.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing the recruitment function can mitigate the risk of engaging in   outdated hiring practices and other compliance related legal hurdles by entrusting this function to a third party that is specialized in hiring practices and is ahead of the compliance curve.

Proof of Concept

Our customers can start with a partial model of outsourcing and determine value and gain trust rather than a big bang approach. This offers higher flexibility and control.

Cost Control

As RPO providers work in scale they can bring down costs in recruitment and advertising due to economies of scale.

What is our secret sauce

Alignment with your company

We go through great lengths to understand your organizational environment, and our dedicated recruitment team almost function like your extended arm adopting your business culture, value and ethics.

Technology optimization

Our recruitment and talent scouting process uses efficient and state of the art technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Big Data tools to find the right fit.

Process optimization

We reduce your time to hire. Our recruitment techniques can screen out unqualified candidates through a combination of manual and automated techniques. Our proprietary recruitment tools verify the talent’s capabilities, experience, domain expertise, and technical skills.

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