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Software Development

Our Core Competency is in developing software through skilled, well-trained, experienced and professional knowledge workers.

We can seamlessly work with you in determining your software needs and help you find product or service for your requirements...

We sensitively understand your business challenges and constraints and assist you instreamlining your operations.      

Benefits of contracting through Morlogic

  • Reduced Administrative Overheads

Morlogic is responsible for hiring, payroll, and job performance. As a result, personnel and services contracted through Morlogic cost significantly less than internal staff. Some of the administrative and financial benefits that you can expect to realize are:

  • Reduced Training Expenses

  • Reduced burden of (Accounting/ Payroll /Payroll taxes)

  • No Recruiting expenses

  • No (Insurance/ Pension/ Worker's Compensation/ Vacation/ Sick pay)

  • Better Candidates

    Our Recruiting process is designed to review each employee's technical skills, experience, domain expertise and work ethics in a comprehensive manner.
    From the detailed study of each candidate's resume followed by telephonic interviews and finally a face-to-face meeting between each prospect and our Managers, the candidate's credentials are well established and documented.

  • Better Service

    We are selective with our clients, candidates and employees.
    Our relationships with our clients and employees continue to grow, as we leave no stone unturned to build on them. Your business is valuable to Morlogic; we make sure we have a clear understanding of your requirements and your business goals. We serve you better because we strive to understand your needs better.

  • Better Response Time

    We are aware that IT projects are extremely time sensitive and therefore our 
    Human resource Consultants specially focus on each requirement from the client side with missionary zeal.